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Update 2023, March 9th


2023 has started off pretty interestingly. We've been hard at work on finalizing our Ikemen build, but it's been a bigger undertaking than expected. Rather than sit on all these changes, we figure getting roughly half the work out into your hands was preferrable for all involved. Some characters still have some big overhauls in the pipeline, but we can go ahead and show off whats been spruced up already.

  • Added a unique buffering system for directional inputs. Specifically, this should fix errors with Normals and Command Normals where the engine wouldn’t register letting go of a direction during hitpause
  • Tweaked how standard Dashes function, and buffed how quickly characters can act out of them. Speed and recovery time have been changed differently per character, but overall the recovery has decreased from 13-14 frames to 9-11 frames
  • Added a limitation on airborne normals where they cannot make contact with a crouching opponent early in a jump (AKA Instant Overhead prevention)
  • "Heavy" characters (Wallace, Isabella and TYRANT) can now chain into their Command Normals from their Heavy Normals like any other character
  • Craze Focus can no longer be used in ‘Neutral’ when a combo is active
  • Using Craze Focus or Craze Assault without a move being blocked now has 3 additional frames of recovery
  • Throws and other unblockable moves can no longer be whiff canceled with Craze Assault
  • Reduced the minimum damage of All-Out EX attacks to 35% (down from 40%)
  • Reduced the minimum damage of All-Out Destruction attacks to 40% (down from 50%)
  • Fixed various life gain and loss being affected by defense changes unintentionally
  • Added new Fire, Electricity and Rainbow hit FX
  • Added ambient audio to stages


  • Changed the friction of crouching players while being hit
  • [Rollback Build] Fixed glyphs being broken in the command lists


  • Fixed Crumple Dire Effects looking incorrect with Electrocute FX


Alot of this update has revolved around re-evaluating old moves and damage numbers. A couple of Sides have also had major restructuring, in this case with Ajit's Side-L and Side-S. The former has more practical uses for his unique EX trait, while the latter sees a lot of retooling of his moves to smooth out the kinks in previously awkward spots.

  • Decreased the airborne hit velocity of 2SP
  • Increased the recovery time of landing from “Future Sight (Air)” to 9 frames (up from 6)
  • “Tandem Link” stacks are now awarded for landing Dire Counters
  • Updated the HUD graphics for “Tandem Link”
  • Increased the Floor Splat height of “Lion Fang”
  • Reduced the pushback of LP “Tiger Strike”
  • Can now perform “Tiger’s Whip” after LP “Tiger Strike”
  • The startup of “Roc Twister” now has more low crush frames
  • “Roc Twister” now causes a Floor Splat on its fourth hit
  • Decreased the startup time of LP “Dragon's Blaze” by 1 frame
  • Decreased the startup time of SP “Dragon's Blaze” by 5 frames
  • “Heatstroke” now has a ground variant
  • Increased the velocity of the “Lion’s Sunburst” projectile
  • Increased the recovery time of “Lion’s Sunburst” by 5 frames
  • Increased the startup time of “Tiger Assault” by 5 frames
  • Increased the distance Ajit travels during the startup of “Tiger Assault”
  • “Tiger Assault” no longer follows up with the second hit if the first hits in midair
  • Increased the hit velocity of “Tiger Assault” after Ajit has left the ground
  • Adjusted all hit velocities during “Garuda Twister”
  • “Garuda Twister” now causes a Floor Splat on its last hit
  • “Dragon Inferno” no longer causes a Restand, but instead causes a Tumble against grounded opponents
  • Decreased the startup time of “Dragon Inferno” by 1 frame
  • “Dragon Inferno” is now -3 on block (up from -7)
  • “Dragon Inferno” now recovers 4 frames faster
  • Increased the damage of “Cobra Minigun” to 136 (up from 96)
  • “Cobra Minigun” now causes a Restand on hit rather than a uncomboable crumple
  • Fixed “Cobra Minigun” activating a Dire Combo afterimage on hit
  • Ajit now moves a step forward during “Viper Fang”
  • Changed the input of “Solar Burst” to 214P
  • Replaced “Solar Burst” with “Fiery Dance” as the Craze Technique, changing its input to SP+SK with 4 and 6 variations. The 4SP+SK variant is an additional function in which Ajit dashes backwards before dashing forward again.
  • Reduced the grounded pushback of “Shiva Knuckle”
  • Increased the maximum length that “Lion's Pounce” can be held, but added a damage cap at 152
  • During “Lion's Pounce,” Ajit will turn towards his opponent once he swings
  • Adjusted the movement velocity of “Lion's Pounce”
  • Reduced the hitbox height of “Lion’s Pounce”
  • Ajit no longer recoils back after hitting with “Lion’s Pounce”
  • “Cobra Lunge” now has a ground variant
  • The dive trajectory of “Cobra Lunge” is now influenced by Ajit’s distance from the opponent
  • Increased the hitstun of “Cobra Lunge” based on how high the move connected
  • Increased the damage of “Lion’s Cascade” to 240 (up from 224)
  • Decreased the advantage of “Lion’s Cascade” on hit
  • Decreased the damage of “Heatwave” to 216 (down from 224)
  • Decreased the knockback of the final hit of “Heatwave”
  • Fixed “Heatwave” having standard hit recovery rules


  • Lowered the Guard Pressure of “Solar Burst"


  • Slightly lowered the hit velocity of the 3rd hit of “Roc Twister” against airborne opponents


Tsugumi is another character who felt a lot stronger before the rest of the competition showed up, so she's learned a few new tricks to compensate. Side-C and Side-L now have traits that add a little more consideration to her gameplan, giving her more tricks to pressure her opponents with.

  • Cl.SP is now +6 on hit (up from +2)
  • NEW TRAIT: “Raijin Force,” granting Tsugumi a speed boost after hitting with 3 electrified attacks that can be consumed to give “Duck and Weave” additional utility
  • “This'll Hurt!” is now -2 on block (down from -1)
  • “This'll Hurt!” now recovers 5 frames faster
  • Changed how the multihit damage for “I'll Aim for Greater Heights!” and “I'll Overwhelm You Until You Quit!” are calculated
  • Increased the damage of “Feel My Power!” to 216 (up from 200)
  • NEW TRAIT: “Raijin Godspeed,” granting Tsugumi a speed boost after hitting with specials empowered by her new Craze Technique, or after landing a Counter Hit
  • NEW CRAZE TECHNIQUE: “I Can Keep Going!,” a special taunt that empowers the next special move, increasing its damage, knockback and advantage.
  • “This'll Hurt!,” “You Can't Stop My Approach!,” “Watch Your Step!,” “Going Up!” and “I'll Aim for Greater Heights!” have all had their damage, knockback and advantage changed, mostly lowered slightly.
  • SP “Big Bang” and SK “Big Empty” now have the same startup times as their Light variants
  • Increased the floor splat height of “Lounge Fly”


  • While at 1 or 2 stacks of "Raijin Force," Tsugumi will lose a stack if she gets hit
  • “This'll Hurt!” is now -3 on block (down from -2)
  • “This’ll Hurt!” now causes a Tumble against grounded opponents
  • SP “I'll Overwhelm You Until You Quit!” is now -6 on block (up from -14)
  • Adjusted the hit velocity of SP “I'll Overwhelm You Until You Quit!”
  • Reduced the guarded pushback on “I'll Overwhelm You Until You Quit!”


For Sherm, Side-L gets the spotlight today. His funny spin kick now works a bit differently in the air, not too far off from his evil counterpart, but unique enough to give this variation his own tricks. His incredible big boot also is faster and has more favorable hit properties, at the cost of losing niche wall bounce loops.

NEW MOVE: “What If I Flip the Sprite? And…,” a Command Normal variant of Side-L’s unique 5SK attack
Now shares his 5SK with the other sides again
LK “Hurricane Senpuukyakuu” no longer causes a Flip Out on hit
Performing “Hurricane Senpuukyakuu” in the air now maintains some of Sherm’s vertical momentum, and is lightly affected by gravity
Increased the startup time of LK “Jordan Shermtogeri” to 17 frames (up from 14)
Decreased the startup time of SK “Jordan Shermtogeri” to 22 frames (down from 24)
LK “Jordan Shermtogeri” now causes a Tumble against grounded opponents
SK “Jordan Shermtogeri” now causes a Tumble against airborne opponents


Ontop of some continued QoL, Side-S now has a far different approach to gaining and using Guard Pressure to his advantage. The results can be a bit scary, for both his opponent and himself.

  • Added a near hitbox on ju.SP to prevent it whiffing in a corner
  • Increased the damage of LP “Mondherrschaft” to 152 (up from 136)
  • Increased the damage of SP “Mondherrschaft” to 168 (up from 152)
  • Adjusted the Floor Splat properties of “Mondherrschaft”
  • Charging LP “Todesgerat” no longer causes a Flipout
  • Retooled how his unique trait works: instead of getting Dire Hit Effects at 75% Guard Pressure, he gets guaranteed Dire Counters at 50% Guard Pressure. He also does not halve his current Guard Pressure upon a successful Heartbreaker, instead gaining that effect when he lands a Dire Counter. This will also refresh his Heartbreaker usage as well.


Unfortunately, Reaper is among those who haven't had their time in the workshop just yet. A lot is planned for them, and even their mysterious twin, but they will be left waiting just a little bit longer.

  • Increased the range of 2SK for the first active frame


  • Fixed “Satellite-Colony” putting the opponent in an unknown state


  • Increased the damage of “Bear Hug” to 104 (up from 80)
  • Increased the damage of “Morning Sun” to 232 (up from 208)
  • Decreased the damage of “Moment of Truth” to 232 (down from 248)
  • Increased her Max Health to 1050 (up from 1000)
  • Increased the range of “1,000 Feet Under”
  • Increased the damage of “1,000 Feet Under” to 392 (up from 344)


Boundary is patient number two in line for a bit of a checkup. What we have in store will remain a bit of a mystery, but we hope to please fans and newcomers alike.

  • Returned Boundary’s weaker combo scaling to normal
  • Increased the damage of “Sidewinder” to 92 (up from 72)
  • Increased the startup time of “Field Corruption” to 4 frames (up from 3)


  • Fixed “Gift of Ptah” putting the opponent in an unknown state


We were supposed to just give Baxter a new command normal. He came back with a horrible monster of a Side-S buff. We are so sorry. (UPDATE: Our apology may or may not have lacked in sincerity. We will not confirm or deny any such claims.)

  • NEW MOVE: “Scarlet Cleave,” a long-range poke command normal
  • Fixed “Maroon Appetizer” applying Gauge gain and Purple Health reduction incorrectly
  • Reduced the base damage of “Indigo Scream” to 128 (down from 136) and its damage boost per Spin Speed to 2 (down from 6). The damage of the airborne version was changed to match the grounded version (Previously the base damage was 120)
  • Changed the floor splat velocity of “Indigo Scream” to be more favorable when hitting grounded opponents and while used higher in the air
  • Increased the Spin Speed grounded hit velocity scaling of “Grey Cannon” and “White Catapult”
  • Added a unique HUD
  • Consuming Spin Speed with a special move now only drops Baxter’s Spin Speed to the top of the next lower tier
  • Increased the damage of “Violet Shot” to 80 (up from 64) and added a variable Spin Speed damage boost for each speed tier that Baxter had before he used the move (max damage is now 128)
  • “Violet Shot” is now prevented from landing on the ground early unless the move hits
  • Can no longer Craze Cancel out of “Violet Shot”
  • NEW MOVES: “Cobalt Bomber” and “Amber Tear” are now unique air specials in addition to being Craze Technique followups
  • NEW ALL-OUT ATTACKS: “CMYK Cruncher,” “Contrast Pillar,” “CMYK Cruncher EX” and “Raging Transparency”
  • Removed “Blue Wave,” “Garish Hues,” “Contrast Bomber,” “Garish Hues EX” and “Polarized Flight”
  • “Crimson Sunder” now has an air variant, moving “Lime Drop” to 2SP+SK
  • Increased the damage of “Crimson Sunder” to 120 (up from 40)
  • Using “Crimson Sunder” now additionally grants Baxter Gauge proportional to how much Purple Health he has
  • Fixed “Saturated Rush” causing Baxter to run up the wrong wall if used near that wall
  • Increased the base damage of “Ruby Sunder” to 40 (up from 4)
  • The input and hit velocities of “Indigo Scream” are now the same as Baxter’s other Sides


  • Reduced the damage bonus from “Full Palette” to 10% (down from 15%)
  • Canceling moves with “Full Palette” now consumes more Spin Speed relative to the length of the combo
  • Removed the life gain from “Contrast Pillar”


It seems as though candidate number three is another subject who's been waiting for a while for some fresh new gear. The sad news is he is still waiting. The good news is, with so little left on the chopping block, those changes are among what little is left to do.

That's all we had to say. There's actually no changes here. This time we actually are sorry.


Lmao Funney Bug just got a little more Lmao Funney.

  • Now has an airdash
  • Adjusted the range of attack and defense changes from “Dohyo Daioh” to 90%-110% (from 80%-120%)
  • Ju.SP now functions like a typical normal
  • “Rikishi Push” and “Rikishi Bunker” now have air variants
  • SP “Rikishi Push” can now be held to delay it, allows directional input to move around, and pressing LK or SK to cancel
  • “Rikishi Quake” can now OTG and hit opponents in a Tumble state


  • Now has access to “Raw Claw” (This was already changed but went accidentally undocumented in the previous changelog)


  • Fixed “Volt Halberd” putting the opponent in an unknown state
  • Fixed airborne “Lightning Bunker” putting the opponent in an unknown state
  • Fixed “Rikishi Spear” putting the opponent in an unknown state


  • Fixed her Air Throw not allowing for followups when used to start a combo under certain circumstances
  • Can now cancel into "Third Sphere: Angel's Sprint" from "First Sphere: Ophanim's Call"


Apart from some damage shuffling, Side-S was having a tough time building Gauge, so she now gains more from risking her health.

  • Increased the base damage of “Autumn” to 152 (up from 136)
  • Increased the damage of “Summer” to 152 (up from 136)
  • Removed the damage boost from the Teleport Applications of “Summer,” “Winter,” “Autumn” and “Clear Skies”
  • Increased the base damage of “Spring” to 128 (up from 112)
  • Tweaked how “Dusk” deals damage, and increased the projectile’s damage to 192 (up from 152)
  • Fixed various errors with "Out Of This World" healing
  • “Sound Test,” “Ishiwatari Smash” and “Shadow Step” now grant Gauge on use based on how much Health was spent


  • Emi had an undocumented change where “Sunrise” had its input changed from 6LK to 4LK. Now it can be performed with either input (or 7LK/9LK for guaranteed slow variants) with differences in trajectory on the slower version


  • “Sunrise” is now +2 on hit (down from +3)


  • Fixed various errors with Teleport Application “Cloudy Weather” Dire Counters
  • Fixed “Grand Entrance” putting the opponent in an unknown state


A big feature of this update is the addition of the last two missing Sides. Lucy's is fully functional, though many FX are still temporary as of this update, so expect a few odd-looking moves for the time being.

  • Fixed being able to Craze Focus “Hell Control” when canceled into from “My Table Manners are Good, Honest”
  • Players hit by “My Table Manners are Good, Honest” are now considered airborne unless Lucy uses a Craze Blitz
  • SP “You Should Keep Your Focus” no longer knocks down unless used in a combo
  • Fixed an error that caused Asmos to do incorrect animations during cancels
  • Fixed “I Know Your Every Move: Indigo Scream” being an overhead
  • Fixed an error that caused Asmos to get locked in an incorrect state during “I Know Your Every Move: Falstelo”
  • Implemented!


  • Fixed “Take a Second to Soak it All In...” causing proximity guard on certain frames
  • Beelzeblood’s projectile (214LP) no longer causes a knockdown against grounded opponents
  • Fixed Levialock’s projectile (214LK) consuming a Dire stack on both hits


And the other Side-S is here as well! It's weird! We love it!

  • “Deziru” can now be used earlier during “Falstelo”
  • Fixed “Mortigu Ungegon” not having a Dire Effect
  • Implemented!


If she's gonna play footsies, she should probably hit hard.

  • Increased the damage of 5LK to 48 (up from 40)
  • Reduced the hit time and recovery time of 2SP by 3 frames
  • “Coupe-pin” now has a faster chain variant
  • Increased the damage of “Prairie Tellurique” to 400 (up from 384)
  • Fixed “Dispersion de Pétales” causing proximity guard incorrectly
  • Increased the damage of “Coupeuse d'herbe” to 128 (up from 112)
  • Increased the damage of LP “Eclat de Lune” to 136 (up from 128)
  • Increased the damage of SP “Eclat de Lune” to 160 (up from 136)
  • SK “Grace de la Princesse” now causes a Wall Splat against grounded opponents
  • Changed the Dire Hit effect of “Grace de la Princesse” to a Wall Bounce
  • Increased the damage of LP “Dispersion de Pétales” to 152 (up from 136)
  • Increased the damage of SP “Dispersion de Pétales” to 176 (up from 152)
  • Increased the damage of “Jardin des Guerriers” to 236 (up from 222)
  • “Minvera's Lust” now additionally awards Gauge on Counter Hit
  • Fixed being able to Craze Cancel out of “Rage Burst”
  • Increased the damage of LP “Sun's Brilliance” to 136 (up from 96)
  • Increased the damage of SP “Sun's Brilliance” to 152 (up from 128)
  • Increased the recovery time of SP “Sun's Brilliance” by 4 frames
  • Increased the damage of “Crashing Wave” to 136 (up from 80)
  • Fixed “Crashing Wave” not reducing the opponent’s Purple Health on hit


  • Lowered the airborne hit velocity of 2SK
  • Increased the recovery time of “Coupe-pin” by 1 frame
  • SK “Crashing Wave” now causes a Crumple state on hit, but the opponent retains whether or not they were airborne


  • Adjusted the Floor Splat height of “Coupe-pin”


  • Hitting an opponent with SK “Crashing Wave” while they’re the Crumple state from being hit by the same move will now result in the LK “Crashing Wave” restand instead
  • Increased the damage of “Petals Gather” to 168 (up from 144)
  • Added an optional 360 input to “Petals Gather”


We initially took a safer approach to Side-L's "ENCROACHING RULE," given the impact it has once doomsday arrives. After some assestment, some boosts feel necessary to keep our new emporer threatening.

  • Increased the base damage of “DEVIL'S SCUTUM” to 128 (up from 88)
  • “The World Consumed” is now immune to all projectiles while active
  • During Encroaching Rule, “GRAIL WAVE” now applies the “EMPEROR’S CURSE” debuff on hit, but can no longer be canceled into “EMPEROR’S DECREE”
  • Using an All-Out Attack during the detonation of “EMPEROR'S CURSE” now negates the detonation
  • Using “GRAIL WAVE” now adds to the “ENCROACHING RULE” timer before the hit benefit is calculated
  • Landing hits with “GRAIL WAVE” now adds less to the “ENCROACHING RULE” timer
  • Fixed issues with “PRIMAL BURN” Dire Counters


  • Reduced the Guard Pressure of “VULCAN BREATH”
  • Adjusted airborne hit velocity of “EMPEROR'S AVALANCHE” to prevent opponents from falling out


A variety of changes here, from rangier lights, to swapped passives, to more opportunities for silly install shenanigans. Ikue is eatin' good, unless you're solely concerned about fast, close-ranged normals.

  • Added new Far LP and LK normals. The old versions are now Close LP and LK
  • Increased the hit velocity of “Slash Kick”
  • Increased the range of the “Infinite Blade” projectile
  • Replaced “Piercing Blade” with "Constant Fight-or-Flight"
  • Increased the damage of “Rage of the Dragon” to 150 (up from 108)
  • Replaced "Constant Fight-or-Flight" with “Piercing Blade”
  • Removed the additional damage bonus from “Denjin Overdrive”
  • Increased the recovery time of “Denjin Overdrive” and “Denjin Armageddon”
  • “Denjin Armageddon” now costs only 1 Adrenaline and has the same input as “Denjin Overdrive,” used as a followup.


  • Fixed “Falling Denjin” putting the opponent in an unknown state


  • Fixed “Tower” not triggering damage dampening
  • Increased the recovery time of whiffing “Tear Out” by 12 frames


  • “Bancho” no longer causes a Wall Splat against airborne opponents


I despise this man.

Side-C Bernie has been a troublemaker ever since he and his lovable posse showed up, and only now did we finally bite the bullet on addressing that issue. Bernie was pitched as a Jack of All Trades, Master of None, but proved to excel at almost everything, and lack very little. His other variants were more focused, but only showed themselves to be shadows to the dominant force that was his primary playstyle. This ends today.

Side-C has now been retooled to fully utilize his potential as a zoner, his big buttons in combination with his assistants, his bottomless pockets and a few new tricks to be a spacing machine. Side-L remains mostly the same, a rushdown with a sprinkle of grappling. Side-S has been rewired to be even more of what Side-S was designed to be, fully dedicating to grappling, while going all in with the gambling motif.

With this, Bernie's trifecta now spans over his three styles, rather than accumulating a mixture that should never have been conjoined.

  • Returned Bernie’s weaker combo scaling to normal
  • Changed the input of “Crashing Down” to 623P, and added a SP variant where Bernie turns around after grabbing the opponent
  • NEW TRAIT: “Adrenaline Thrush,” which converts Counter Hits into increased search speed during “Rambling Inventory,” and decreased cooldown times after “Gimme a Hand!”
  • NEW MOVE: “What a Mess,” an alternate input for “Rambling Inventory” that more quickly uses the currently searched weapon from neutral
  • NEW MOVE: “Stronger Than Dirt,” a short range projectile where Bernie kicks up a dust cloud
  • NEW MOVE: “Hole in One (Shot),” an All-Out Attack where Bernie attacks directly with his rocket launcher
  • Removed “Need a Lift?,” “Flip It My Way” and “Can’t Fly From Reckoning”
  • Slowed down the search speed of “Rambling Inventory”
  • Reduced the startup time of “Lead Pipe” by 1 frame
  • Reduced the startup time of “Folding Chair” by 3 frames
  • Hitting an airborne opponent with “Folding Chair” now causes a Floor Splat
  • Interrupting a “Rambling Inventory” attack no longer consumes the weapon
  • Changed the input of “Crashing Down” to 623P
  • Changed the input of “Gimme a hand, Jimmy!” to 214P
  • Increased the startup time of Jimmy’s attack during “Gimme a Hand, Jimmy!” by 4 frames
  • The distance between the opponent that Jimmy arrives at during SP “Gimme a Hand, Jimmy!” is now closer to the opponent
  • Jimmy will no longer halt his attack when blocked during “Gimme a Hand, Jimmy!”
  • Lee’s attack during SK “Gimme a Hand, Lee!” can now be delayed by holding SK
  • Has a new 5SK
  • Changed the hit velocity of “Tried and True”
  • The Floor Splat from the second hit of SP “Goldenjoyer” now bounces further based on the opponent’s height from the floor
  • “Flip It My Way” now has an LP variant where Bernie no longer turns around
  • Decreased the combo damage of “Flip It My Way” to 80 (down from 128)
  • Fixed “Flip It My Way” not being listed as having an optional 360 input
  • “...Down for the Spiraling” now grants Bernie a Cigarette on hit
  • Fixed “...Down for the Spiraling” not reducing Dire stacks
  • REWORKED TRAIT: "Trial of the Mental" now allows Bernie to roll up to 2 Dice by either landing Counter Hits or using “Predator Poised.” While he has 2 Dice, his attacks are considered Counter Hits, but so are his opponents. If the 2 Dice have the same face, these attacks are Dire Counters instead. If Bernie lands a Counter Hit while 2 Dice are rolled, he cashes them in, turning the total into Chips. Chips now only increase the damage of his non-basic throws rather than applying armor to his moves
  • NEW MOVE: “Awakedly True” is now a unique move wherein Bernie performs an overhead swing
  • NEW MOVE: “Goldenjoyer” now replaced with “Left Food,” similar to LP “Goldenjoyer,” but armored, and ignores projectiles
  • “Spine Apathy” now has an SP variant where Bernie strikes an armored pose before grabbing
  • Fixed “Spine Apathy” not being listed as having an optional 360 input
  • "...Me" now deals bonus damage with the more Chips Bernie has
  • Increased the base damage of “Wake The Pharmacy” to 248 (up from 224)


  • Fixed “Hole in One (Shot)” putting the opponent in an unknown state
  • Fixed “Save the Best for Bamboozle” putting the opponent in an unknown state


  • Fixed “Hand of King Dead” putting the opponent in an unknown state


Here lies Jane Bane. She was a complete Jane Pain.

  • Lowered the airborne hit velocity of 5SK
  • Reduced the startup time of ju.SP to 8 frames (down from 9)
  • Re-enabled the ability to use "Pyro-uette" / "Cryo-uette" early in a jump (AKA 'Tiger Knee')
  • Increased the startup time of SP “Flamespin” / “Frostspin” to 22 frames (up from 20 frames)
  • SP “Flamespin” / “Frostspin” now causes a Wall Splat
  • Removed the Burn Damage portion of “Slow-Burn Creep”
  • Increased the damage of “Burning Brouhaha” to 211 (up from 190)
  • Increased the damage of LK “Scary Loathe” to 226 (up from 182)
  • Increased the damage of SK “Scary Loathe” to 212 (up from 172)
  • Increased the damage of “The Pumpkin Queen?” to 316 (up from 232)
  • “Flamespin” now has the same hurtboxes as “Frostspin” I.E is now low profile rather than a low crush
  • Added the Burn Damage portion of “Slow-Burn Creep” to "Toiling Point." This will be more properly implemented in the next update.
  • Increased the airborne hit velocity of “Death's 'Cicle"


  • Added unique Ice Hit FX


  • Fixed “Mistress of Broilty” putting the opponent in an unknown state

Battle Craze!! is currently an open beta running on SUEHIRO's I.K.E.M.E.N GO engine. A few bugs may be present, but for now, we'll be focusing on issues relating specifically to gameplay.

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