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Update 2022, July 21st


Howdy, fellow Crazers!

As we draw closer and closer to our final character release for the Ikemen build, we're looking to finalize some mechanical properties of the overall game. This update includes a number of improvements and optimization to control, mostly the way inputs are read by the game to increase the utility of shortcut keys, as well as fix accidental Craze Cancels from plaguing your set!

As a taste of things to come, our next update will have a focus on overhauling Guard Pressure and Heartbreakers, to hopefully encourage their use and help them be more dynamic. We also hope to change the way Adrenaline gain is handled to make them less generous specifically for long combos, while not slowing down the overall flow of the match.

  • Craze Cancels are now activated by pressing LP+LK+SP+SK, rather than LK+SP and LP+SK
  • Throw whiffs are now Counter prone, rather than Dire prone
  • Throws now typically do 120 damage (down from 128)
  • Moves that use burn and electrocution states can no longer be used to extend combos when they OTG
  • Shortcut inputs (Throw, Craze Technique, Craze Cancel) are now registered as the respective inputs in-game rather than unique inputs. Using these shortcuts in situations when they weren’t previously effective (I.E. pressing the Craze Technique shortcut during a jump when the character has no air Craze Technique) may now result in other attacks. (Such as a heavy normal.) This means certain special inputs can be activated using them (I.E. 236 + Craze Tech shortcut will now register as both 236SP and 236SK) and the new Craze Cancel input can be activated by pressing the Grab and Craze Tech shortcuts together
  • Craze Techniques and normal Throws have higher input priority
  • Fixed certain throw hitboxes being unable to connect with low-crushing opponents
  • Reassigned the priorities of all throw-type attacks
  • Moves now have “cutscene” flags (All-Out Attacks that change the background) that now hide/remove certain in-game elements for the duration of the cutscene, as well as foreground elements
  • Fixed Training’s Fall Catch Time (FCT) reporting data that was 1 frame higher than it should be


  • Throw Techs now give both players 4 lingering invulnerability frames
  • Fixed various water stage FX working incorrectly on “USA: Torii Stadium L”


  • Fixed “Cobra Gattling” not entering a punishable state on block, which also somehow made him invulnerable
  • “Heatstroke” should now more reliably follow up against airborne opponents
  • NEW MOVE: “Heatwave,” an All-Out Attack variant of his “Dragon’s Strike”
  • Fixed the Dire Counter from “Garuda’s Trip” causing the opponent to be unhittable


  • Slightly lowered the hit velocity of the last hit of “Heatwave”


Tsugumi's objective is to flow in and out of harm's way in order to avoid losing precious health, but her dodging was a bit undertuned. Combined with increased utility on her Side-C counter, her simple tools have had their uses scaled a little bit higher.

  • Fixed her Light normal chains not functioning correctly when used back to back in a combo
  • Increased the invulnerability time of “Duck and Weave”
  • Can now cancel into “Duck and Weave” on block
  • “You Can't Stop My Approach!” now has slight horizontal tracking when used out of “Duck and Weave”
  • “I'm Not the Same Person I Once Was!” will now counter projectiles, but is only effective at up to midscreen range
  • Fixed “To the Heavens You Go!” and “I'll Punch You Straight To Pluto!” causing an incorrect electrocute hurt animation on hit
  • Fixed “I'll Punch You Straight To Pluto!” using a Dire Counter hitspark
  • Fixed “I'll Punch You Straight To Pluto!” reporting Counter messages
  • Lowered the airborne hit velocity of “Big Bang” and “Big Empty”
  • Fixed “Lounge Fly” not being an overhead
  • Changed the input for “Creep” to be 4KK and 6KK
  • Can now cancel into backwards “Creep” on block


Not everyone loves their taunt button, but they may still want to taunt with Sherm anyway. We've got you covered.

  • Lengthened the recovery time of “Footsie!” by 2 frames (advantage remains the same)
  • Changed the input of “Actually Maybe Not” to pressing or holding 1 (Down+Back)
  • “Sick Taunt!,” “Evade, Then I'll Make a Joke!,” “Run-Tauntin'” and “Run-Jokin’” now have optional inputs that use SP+SK rather than the Taunt button
  • Fixed “Just Keep Running!” usually following up with “Run-Power-Punch” when quickly chained into
  • The first hit of “Run-Power-Punch” will no longer hit low profile
  • The second hit of “Run-Power-Punch” now has less hit velocity against airborne opponents
  • “Power Punch” and “Run-Power-Punch” will now low crush
  • Fixed SP “Power Punch” causing Sherm to float in the air if he was hit out of it at a specific point
  • Updated his voicelines
  • SK “Jordan Shermtogeri” now always causes a wallbounce instead of a tumble
  • “A-Sherm-Raw Warp” is no longer immune to normal throws or All-Out Projectiles while active


  • Increased the recovery time of SK “Jordan Shermtogeri” by 2 frames


  • SP “Unterwelt Zerbrechen” is now immune to airborne attacks while active


  • Increased the regeneration rate of “Terror Booster” fuel
  • Ground throws used in a combo now cause the opponent to be considered airborne


Our local wrestling star loves trying on new gimmicks, huh?

Ontop of some quality of life, between Side-C's new Level 2 meter dump and Side-L's command normal functioning more like others, the heel Side has really learned to heat up the crowd. la tirania has been given a fairly big makeover, giving her a resource to manage, but granting her a lot of new benefits for doing so.

  • “Kokyuu Nage” can now be chained into on hit, which automatically triggers the followup
  • “Justice Hammer” and “Sunset Slam” can now be chained into on block
  • SP “Justice Hammer” now causes a side switch
  • Fixed a graphical error with “And Justice For All”
  • Fixed throws performed by other characters against her being reported as a Counter in her favor
  • “Throne of Justice” projectiles will no longer be active if justicia is hit
  • Adjusted the recovery, velocity, hit velocity, advantage and active frames of “Dropkick Jr.!”
  • “Dropkick Jr.!” can now be canceled into grounded moves at any point
  • Modified the startup and advantage of “Revolution Slash”
  • Counter hits and hitting midair opponents with “Flamingo Splash” now causes an automatic followup
  • REPLACED TRAIT: “Overheated.” la tirania now features a Heat gauge that is consumed when performing her movement Craze Techniques, and when Armoring attacks. Heat is generated from landing several of her moves, as well as performing “Oversell'' and her new stance followups
  • NEW MOVE: “Turn Up The Heat.” A followup to “Stand-Off” that performs a quick taunt to generate Heat
  • Decreased the amount of damage taken through armor to 50% (down from 90%)
  • “Shark Splash” is now a special move akin to “Flamingo Splash,” with an identical new input. Hitting with this move with enough Heat will cause an automatic followup
  • Changed the input layout for her stance. SP+SK must be held to maintain the stance, which can now be done indefinitely. “Throne of Injustice” is now LP, “Power Slide” is LK, “Demon's DDT” is LP+LK, and “Heel Turn” and “Demon Sway” are performed by pressing the appropriate directions while holding SP+SK
  • Reworked how “Oversell” handles quick getups. While holding the action, pressing LP or LK will interrupt it and perform a quick getup, with LP being standard and LK resulting in a backroll.
  • Fixed “Throne of Injustice” and “Power Slide” not rewarding Gauge on hit
  • “Tyranny Slash” now benefits from Armor when she has enough Heat
  • Adjusted the hit velocity of SP “Tyranny Slash”
  • Lowered the damage of “Tyranny Slash” to 128 (down from 152) and decreased the bonus damage from charging the SP version
  • SP “Devil’s Whip” now causes a side switch instead of holding back, to keep consistent with other similar throw changes
  • Increased the overall range of “1,000 Feet Under,” but reduced it during the first 3 frames


  • Fixed Craze Canceling out of “Flamingo Splash” causing the opponent to be unhittable
  • No longer regains control immediately after Armoring during “Turn Up The Heat”
  • Lowered the base airborne hit velocity of “Tyranny Slash” but increased the charge growth rate
  • Fixed being able to Craze Cancel “Devil’s Whip” too early


With time, Boundary's setup playstyle has seemed just a little too challenging for the reward. Some small tweaks to his speed when placing portals or distortions should make controlling the battlefield a little more intuitive.

  • “Portal Set” now has 3 less startup and recovery frames
  • “Portal Distort” now recovers faster, but spawns the projectile later
  • Fixed a delayed “Portal Distort” disappearing when Boundary blocked an attack
  • Airborne enemies within the “Vacuum Implode” pull will now fall slower
  • Fixed “Vacuum Implode” missing its dust FX
  • “March of Anhur” can now be chained into on block
  • Fixed “Spirit Crush” causing both players to be stuck if hit a certain way


  • Fixed the first two hits of 2SP having more advantage when canceled early


  • “Portal Distort” can no longer be used while another Distort projectile is active


Baxter has always been a strange beast, for better and for worse. His desire to build up Spin Speed passively was clashing with the urgency in which he needed to spend it, so we've taken measures to ensure that built-up Speed will no longer drain just because you aren't prepared to utilize it. With this, Baxter can choose when to change pace, rather than being forced to rush in according to the Speedometer.

  • “Contrast Bomber” and “Garish Hues EX” now cause wallsplat
  • Spin Speed loss from performing special moves and “Garish Hues” increased to 0.5 (up from 0.25)
  • Fixed the shortcut input for “Emerald Mortar” being the same as “Blue Wave” during “Full Palette”
  • “Full Palette” now increases the horizontal distance of jumps
  • Spin Speed now decays a lot more slowly, and even slower when performing any action other than standing still, blocking and being hit.
  • Fixed being able to use “Lime Drop” too quickly during a jump
  • NEW MOVE: “Ruby Sunder,” a new Craze Technique followup to “Cinnabar Crush” that adds a second hit which drains health and knocks the opponent further back.
  • “Saturated Rush” now has a forward running variant


Among our plans for the next update, Side-S Ci-Ci is probably looking to get completely reworked. The gimmick is fun, but his "Different Flavor of Side-L" nature is definitely an artifact of our older design philosphies.

  • Lowered the airborne hit velocity of “Flying Cod Crash”
  • LP “Poseidon! Attack!” is now the quicker variant
  • SP “Poseidon! Attack!” is now the slower variant, but has less startup, and can be held down to delay the attack
  • Changed the hit velocity of “Poseidon! Attack!”
  • “Shora-Ora-Ora!” now causes a larger floor bounce when used higher in the air
  • Reduced the floor bounce scaling “Shora-Ora-Ora!” gets from his Moist Gauge


  • Poseidon will no longer hold his attack if Ci-Ci starts up and All-Out Attack


...And Side-L Goliath, too, is next up on the chopping block. For now he goes unchanged, but we've definitely felt unhappy with the awkward implementation of this concept. Side-C also contains lopsided power, similar to Boundary before his Level 2 extender was side-swapped, but it will remain for now as we plan for what Side-L will become.

  • Voice lines implemented!
  • Changed the bounce height of “Exo-Headbutt” when hitting airborne opponents
  • Decreased the minimal Static charge rate
  • Decreased the damage of “Thunder Kaiser” to 151 (down from 181)
  • Increased the damage of SK “Rikishi Quake” to 88 (up from 8)
  • Fixed “Rikishi Oni” causing him to float in the air if he was hit out of it


  • Fixed the opponent falling out “Volt Flamberge” hits if they were too high up


  • Lowered the vertical reach of her 5LP hitbox
  • Increased the recovery time of “Cherubim Mimic: Eagle” by 2 frames
  • Fixed her crumple animation being misaligned
  • “Cherubim Mimic: Gauntlet” will no longer land on the ground after she starts swinging
  • “First Sphere: Seraphim's Roar” can now be chained into on block
  • Fixed being able to combo off of “First Sphere: Seraphim's Roar” if used during a Dire Combo without Dire Stacks
  • Fixed her afterimages being retained when put into certain thrown hit states
  • Implemented!


  • Fixed her not having access to “First Sphere: Seraphim’s Ecstasy”
  • Her 214 specials will now automatically disappear if she performs an All-Out Attack while holding them
  • Fixed her opponent having hurtboxes during “First Sphere: Seraphim's War Cry”


It's no surprise that a Side-S, our traditionally experimental form, would be harder to keep consistent. Emi's was proving to encourage a same-y playstyle while containing a weird dud of a special air throw, so she's had a couple of retoolings to keep her blasting.

  • Voice lines implemented!
  • Fixed Emi sometimes playing dead during her winpose
  • Delayed the time before Emi regains control out of airborne “Remembrance” by 1 frame
  • Changed how health gain is calculated. Overall lower, but now converts damage from her All-Out Attacks as well
  • Increased the health cost of “Ishiwatari Smash” to 120 (up from 104)
  • Reworked “Precipice” to be a blockable overhead rather than a throw, but decreased its startup time, and changed its velocity.
  • Fixed the damage scaling of “Precipice” happening before the throw dealt damage
  • Fixed the damage scaling of “Raindrop” being calculated by Adrenaline gain instead of combo dampening


  • “Ishiwatari Smash” no longer has a Dire Effect in mid-combo


  • Implemented!


  • Added a unique blocking sprite while Asmos is attached
  • Fixed her having Ajit’s arcade intro
  • Fixed several command list errors
  • Fixed “Hell Control” costing 1 Gauge to Craze Cancel under certain circumstances
  • Fixed “I Should've Been a Meteorologist” not triggering damage dampening
  • Lowered “I Should've Been a Meteorologist” airborne hit velocity
  • Fixed “I Know Your Every Move” being cancellable from 2SK
  • Fixed “I Know Your Every Move: Run-Power-Punch” whiffing on the second attack in the corner
  • Fixed “I Know Your Every Move” missing sounds


  • Increased the recovery time of “Haven't You Got Eyeballs in Your Skull?” on hit by 5 frames


  • Deceit Cancel followups no longer require holding forward when used during “Faultless Guard” and “Faultless March”
  • Can now cancel into “Faultless Guard” and “Faultless March” akin to other specials
  • LK “Grace de la Princesse” no longer knocks the opponent into the air
  • Can now use “Contre de l'hirondelle”
  • Ground throws will now result in their Side-C variants when used in a combo
  • Fixed being able to Craze Cancel out of “Rage Burst”
  • Lowered the hit velocity of LK “Sun's Brilliance”


  • Fixed “Cutting Edge Kick” not consuming Dire stacks when used in a combo


Rest in peace, "AHOU."

  • “Huntress” followups can now be used on block at any time, and can be delayed
  • “Unleashed” no longer hits behind the opponent
  • “Trapper” can now hit standing opponents if used in a combo
  • Fixed a graphical error with her electrocuted hurt sprites
  • Updated the HUD for “Unrelenting”
  • “Unrelenting” no longer requires “Undercurrent” to be activated. The other three triggers now only activate when the corresponding move hits or is blocked, as opposed to simply being used
  • “Unrelenting” now allows chaining “Auger,” “Oppress Claw” and “Huntress” /
  • “Trapper” into one another
  • “Unrelenting” now increases her walk speed and the horizontal distance of jumps
  • Increased the bounce height of the opponent during “Trapper”
  • “Tear Out” now has 4 less frames of startup
  • REWORKED MOVE: “Demon” is no longer a counter but now a self-buff that doubles the amount of Feral stacks she gains, but reduces her movement speed, and puts her in a punishable state when it expires
  • Increased the maximum amount of Feral stacks to 50 (up from 10)
  • “Trapper” now requires 15 Feral stacks to cause a Floor Bounce (up from 10)
  • LP “Million Cross” now generates Feral stacks
  • SP “Million Cross” now requires 5 Feral stacks to launch a projectile (up from 2)
  • The “Million Cross” projectile now has unique sprites
  • “Knock Down Walls” still consumes all Feral stacks to increase its damage, but now has a more exponential damage gain per stack
  • “Carve Out” now generates 10 Feral stacks (up from 5)
  • Fixed “Wicked Hunt” not connecting when performed in throw range
  • Fixed “Wicked Hunt” not adding to the Hit Count


  • Fixed being able to Craze Focus the followup to “Trapper”
  • Deactivating “Demon” now causes Teri to be Dire Prone if she canceled out of an All-Out Attack


Oh, Bernie... Bernie, Bernie, Bernie...

It pains us to keep a good man down, but Side-C Bernie was proving to be less of a "jack of all trades," and more of a master of all. Between Jimmy's pressure and the number of combo extensions, Bernie's bag of tricks was seemingly endless. We've made several changes to scale back the overall power of his tools, while still leaving each with a distinct purpose.

On the opposite side, Side-L's previous nerfs had been perhaps a little too strict, making him worse as a focused rushdown when compared to his friend-having playstyle. A lot of his tuning has been scaled back, hopefully finding a right balance somewhere in the middle.

  • Lee’s sprites have been updated to reflect design changes
  • Removed “Reach for the Ceiling”
  • Fixed “Slugger of '63 Baseball Bat” not triggering damage dampening
  • Can now cancel into “Gimme a Hand, Jimmy!” and “Gimme a Hand, Lee!” on block
  • During “Gimme a Hand, Jimmy!” and “Gimme a Hand, Lee!” the assisting character now arrives later if used in neutral or canceled from block and earlier if canceled into on hit
  • The Jimmy assist no longer continues attacking if either of his first two attacks were blocked
  • Reduced the damage of SK “Gimme a Hand, Lee!” to 112 (down from 128)
  • Fixed “Streetwise” benefitting All-Out Attacks
  • “Need a Lift?” now has increased range. If used further away from the opponent, Bernie will dash forwards first. Opponents can no longer recover during this period
  • Increased the grounded hit velocity of “Reach for the Ceiling”
  • “Caddigan Catch” now recovers 2 frames faster
  • During a successful “Caddigan Catch” parry, Bernie is now fully invulnerable
  • Increased “Tobaccin' My Day” guardstun by 2 frames
  • “...And Get Me” is now +1 on hit (up from 0)
  • “...Down for the Spiraling” can now connect against opponents in hitstun


  • Fixed “Tried and True” allowing for extra Dire Stacks if canceled on the first hit
  • “Gimme a Hand, Jimmy!” and “Gimme a Hand, Lee!” now have proper Craze Cancel rules, allowing them to be used with Craze Focus in neutral
  • Fixed being able to Craze Cancel “Gimme a Hand, Jimmy!” and “Gimme a Hand, Lee!” before the assisting character appeared


Jane Bane apparently knows a lot of infinites. She's just a mischevious little scamp like that.

  • Slightly decreased the airborne hit velocity of “Yacky Sack”
  • “Looming Sight” is now 2 frames slower when chained into
  • Delayed the time before Jane regains control out of “Defroster” by 1 frame


  • Reduced the hitbox size of “Booming Fright”
    Reduced the airborne hit velocity of “Booming Fright” when used during combos

Battle Craze!! is currently an open beta running on SUEHIRO's I.K.E.M.E.N GO engine. A few bugs may be present, but for now, we'll be focusing on issues relating specifically to gameplay.

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