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LATEST ROLLBACK BUILD: Version 2.10 (495 MB)

We feel as though the Rollback Build is stable enough to use as our primary release. If you want the backup IKEMEN Go build, you'll find it here!

Update 2024, April 3rd


So here we are, caught between our big 2.0 release and a follow-up patch to address some of our broader changes. There were enough crucial bugfixes, combined with one character overhaul, to warrant making this more than a hotfix, so here's a not-big-but-not-small update for you all!

Most important in system changes are the function of Backdashes. They were far too rewarding for how free they were, mostly due to the fact that being airborne meant most punishes were inconsequential. Grounding them has made correct reads more rewarding, while their recovery was shortened to compensate.

  • Changed all backdash velocities, overall lowering themp
  • Changed Backdash to be always grounded to improve the possibilities if one is punished
  • Backdashes are now universally 25 frames long (down from being 25-28, with a majority of the characters having 28)
  • Using an Air Throw mid-combo will now cause a hard knockdown
  • Recoded how Training keeps track of combo damage and health resetting. There is currently a known issue where combos started with projectiles will deal less Purple Health damage than normal when Health Regen is enabled


Ajit's ability to both zone and counter zoning was insanely lopsided for a jack-of-all-trades type, so we've scaled them back a bit.

  • "Future Sight" no longer rewards a "Tandem Link" stack if Ajit doesn't hit with the followup attack
  • Lowered the Craze Gauge gain from "Future Sight" parries to 100 (down from 750) but added 400 more for successful followup strikes
  • Increased the recovery time of "Lion's Sunspot" by 3 frames

Tsugumi TSUGUMI / Robo-Tsugumi ROBO-TSUGUMI

  • Lowered the distance covered by "This'll Hurt!"

Sherm SHERM / Evil Sherm EVIL SHERM

It pains us to do it, but Sherm's funny kick was obviously doing more than one move reasonably should.

  • Adjusted the hit velocity of midair "Shermryuken"
  • SK "Jordan Shermtogeri" now causes a Tumble on hit rather than a Wall Bounce


L-Wallace's prolongable attacks are scary due to their armor, but the rewards he gains for landing them can sometimes be inadequate. We may address these further over time, but for now we've made a few tweaks to help.

  • Reduced the overall delay time of "Eisbrecher"
  • Partially-charged "Eisbrecher" now causes a Wall Bounce on grounded hit
  • Increased the hit velocity of delayed "Friedhofsbeben"


We've got our eye on L-Reaper at the moment, though those changes are slated for later. We want to improve their ability to create interesting combos with their setup tools, while adding a limit to prevent said combos from getting way out of hand.

QREAPER, however, has had a bit of an unintended boon with his Asteroid Obliterator cancels, so he's being grounded. No evildoing for an entire week!

  • Can no longer cancel "Asteroid Obliterator" into LP "Nebula Storm"

La Justicia LA JUSTICIA / La Tirania LA TIRANIA

  • Reduced the OTG Floor Splat height of "Throne Driver"


For a vigilante, Boundary sure loves causing trouble.

  • Reduced the hit velocity of "Vertical Swing"
  • Increased the startup time of "Vertical Swing"
  • Reduced the recovery time of "Vertical Swing"
  • "Pharaoh's Game" now adds up to 6 Khopeshes to Boundary's maximum capacity, as well as replenish all of his stored Khopeshes
  • Khopesh projectiles now properly disappear when Boundary is hit
  • Fixed "Area Field" / "Aura of Osiris" rewarding far too much Adrenaline when absorbing a projectile


We've bounced back and forth on Baxter's power scaling, but one thing is clear at the moment: he has a plethora of ways to mix you up. The full-screen bite losing its low-hitting property feels justified, especially as it wasn't a visually distinct low anyhow.

As for Side-S, our current brainstorm may lead him to being more close-range oriented. This patch will only include one change in that vein: his hitgrab no longer has a variant to create distance, but instead gives the player a choice more fitting of his self-destructive nature.

  • "Sepia Tone Seismo" no longer hits low
  • SP "Multi-Chromatic Engine" now consumes all of Baxter's Purple Health to add proportional damage to the final hit


Those boys down at the Biocorps labs, what'll they cook up next?

  • Increased his health to 950 (up from 925)
  • Buffed "Sea Sea Spin" now allows Ci-Ci to pass through his opponent
  • Buffed "Bottom Feeder Blitz" now travels further
  • 2CT in midair will now cause Ci-Ci to dash quickly to the ground
  • Adjusted the hit velocity of "Shora-Ora-Ora!"
  • Decreased the startup time of "Dunker Diver" when used out of "Sea Spin"
  • Fixed "Stop n' Swap" not properly triggering a Dire Counter
  • Increased the recovery time of Ci-Ci during "Poseidon! Hull Piercer" by 2 frames


Look, she wasn't built for zoning. It's gonna take some getting used to.

  • Lowered the Floor Splat height of "Third Sphere: Archangel's Assault"
  • Fixed SK "First Sphere: Cherubim's Polearm" causing a Wall Bounce that doesn't consume Blessed against airborne opponents
  • Fixed projectiles being active after using an All-Out Attack
  • Fixed "First Sphere: Seraphim's Feast" adding Adrenaline to Necross


An eleventh hour realization during our last big update was the fact that Emi was in a bit of a rougher spot than we thought. She was capable, but was hamstrung by her arbitrary charge inputs on Side-C, and some outdated design philosphy with Side-L. Though it means we have changed the input of her overhead kick yet again, a lot of her tools have been shifted around and tweaked to make her easier to control, and have better incentive to explore her options.

  • "Mic Check" is no longer a Command Normal, instead now being her 2SP
  • Added a grounded variation of "Noontide"
  • Reduced the Hit Pause time of "Daybreak" by 4 frames
  • Now has access to "Horizon"
  • Changed the input of "Summer" to 236P
  • Changed the input of "Winter" to 236K
  • Changed the input of "Spring" to 623P
  • NEW MOVE: "Midnight," replacing "Dusk" as her primary All-Out Attack
  • NEW MOVE: "Shogatsu," replacing "Dusk EX" as her All-Out EX
  • NEW MOVE: "Twilight," a Command Normal version of her prior 2SP
  • Changed the input of "Sunset" to 6LK or 9LK, removing the 4LK version
  • "Summer" is now -3 on block (up from -4)
  • "Winter" is now -5 on block (down from -4)
  • Adjusted the hit velocity of "Winter"
  • SP normals affected by "The Cursed Sword, Shinigami-Oni" no longer always launch a projectile. Instead, they empower the normals to deal increased damage, but will fire a projectile if the attack doesn't connect
  • Benefits from empowered moves (mostly damage) are now more significant for "Remembrance" souls than for souls pulled from the opponent
  • Souls pulled from the opponent will no longer prevent new souls from being extracted with unempowered attacks
  • "Funeral, Heartbreak" now has an SP variant, which has increased startup, but guarantees a Wall Splat on hit
  • LP "Funeral, Heartbreak" will now cause a Wall Splat against grounded opponents when empowered
  • "Funeral, Accident" now has an SK variant, which has increased startup, but pulls in grounded opponents and causes a hard knockdown. Empowering either strength of "Funeral, Accident" will cause a similar effect


In retrospect, there wasn't really a good reason C-Lucy couldn't do this.

  • Can now cancel SP "Wallace Forgot This, I Didn't" similarly to Side-L
  • Reduced the airborne hit velocity of "You Should Keep Your Focus"


I won't lie to you. I'm worried about S-TYRANT.

I've got my eye on you, bud.

  • Lowered his Craze Gauge gain from charged specials by 66% across the board


It just felt right.

  • NEW MOVE: "Blunt Force," a simple but far-reaching Command Normal


  • Fixed the "Toiling Point" explosion not affecting opponents during "Scary Loathe" under certain circumstances

Battle Craze!! is currently an open beta running on SUEHIRO's I.K.E.M.E.N GO engine. A few bugs may be present, but for now, we'll be focusing on issues relating specifically to gameplay.

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