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The latest update is Version 1.10 (309 MB)

Update 2021, December 5th


Just a little bit of bugfixing this patch, a lot of it focused on the new throw prevention system.

As we work toward our new engine, Janis will be steadily working on character and stage graphics, while music is being composed in the meantime. We'll be able to include some new stages as they are made, though our plans to release characters are reserved for the new engine as it comes to fruition.

  • Added Goliath’s Stage!
  • The hurtboxes of all characters during Floor Bounce and Floor Splat have been adjusted to prevent them low-profiling while they’re pushed against the floor
  • Added throw invulnerability to guardstun states to prevent unblockable setups
  • Fixed Recovery Throw Invulnerability being “storable” if you acted immediately after hit/block/getup
  • Fixed Recovery Throw Invulnerability not working properly in crouching states
  • Fixed being hit out of Craze Cancels instantly interrupting the pause
  • Fixed hit states using FX that were affected by palettes
  • Fixed the Frozen Special KO leaving the player floating in midair
  • Adjusted Training’s “Fall Catch Time” to continue to calculate and show the count after throwing out an attack during a combo


  • Adjusted how the hit velocity of “Dragon's Strike” works
  • Reduced the hitstun of “Cobra Lunge” by 4 frames
  • Fixed “Lion’s Cascade” functioning incorrectly when hitting the opponent at an odd angle. In the event that the error still occurs, the opponent will no longer be stunned infinitely as well


  • “To the Heavens You Go!” now has reduced forward movement if the opponent is close to or behind her
  • Lowered the hit velocity of “Sour Girl” on airborne opponents


  • Fixed being hit out of “Messatsu Footsie” at a specific point caused him to float in midair
  • Fixed his intros having code errors that slowed down the game on certain machines (similar issues were fixed but undocumented in the last update)


One of a couple of trends in this update is the implementation of 360 inputs as alternates to command throws. Wallace also got a change to his infamous Level 3 due to the awkward nature of it nearly sharing a command with a Side-L Level 1, but consistent with his grappler counterpart la justicia.

Another trend is the removal of infinites via some hit velocity changes, among other tweaks.

  • Lowered the hit velocity of Far SK against airborne opponents
  • “Turmbrecher” no longer causes a Floot Splat on downed hit
  • Fixed LK “Turmbrecher” requiring a longer charge time than other charge moves
  • Changed the input of “Das Ende der Tage” to 63214+KK, while also adding 360+KK as an alternate command
  • Added 360+PP as an alternate command to “Offener Sargzerstorer”
  • When using “Nebel” in a combo, Guard Meter builds significantly slower, and doesn’t reset its cooldown timer
  • “Nebel” now builds significantly more Guard Meter as you hold it


  • “Air-Burst” now causes a Floot Splat on standing opponents
  • Fixed their Guard states having incorrect hurtboxes
  • Fixed a strange floating graphic appearing during their ground throws on Counter


  • Changed how “Rising Star” works with Dire Combos to prevent issues with retained stacks
  • Added 360+PP as an alternate command to “Defining Verdict”
  • Added 360+P as an alternate command to “Justice Hammer”
  • Added 360+K as an alternate command to “Sunset Slam”
  • Added 360+KK as an alternate command to “And Justice for All”
  • Added 360+P as an alternate command to “Devil’s Whip”
  • Added 360+KK as an alternate command to “Defining Testament EX”


  • Added more voicelines
  • Increased the guardstun of “Bastet Pounce”
  • Lowered the startup time of “Bastet Pounce”


  • Fixed him using Kahl winquotes against Side-S characters


Our moist boy is always learning new things. Something we've discovered ourselves is that Battle Crazer without a command normal will innately feel strange. Fortunately, we've fixed that.

  • Replaced his Cr.SP with a more standard attack
  • NEW MOVE: “Flying Cod Crash,” a command normal version of his old Cr.SP
  • Slightly modified the velocity of “Shora-Ora-Ora!”
  • Lowered the hit velocity of “Poseidon! Attack!” against airborne opponents
  • “Poseidon! Capture!” can no longer be chained into on block
  • “Sink Drink” no longer consumes health


  • Fixed Isabella being disrespectful to Side-C Jane Bane
  • Fixed “Coup de pied Tornade” having unusually high Guard Pressure
  • Fixed “Sun’s Brilliance” having unusually high Guard Pressure


One curiousity in Ikue's moveset was her lack of All-Outs, at least compared to her competition. In our attempt to rectify this, we ended up reworking a lot of what they do to organize their intentions a bit better.

In the process, we also made Side-S even more silly.

  • Fixed being able to Craze Assault cancel SP “Rising Dragon” on block
  • Decreased the damage of “Infinite Blade” to 224 (down from 240)
  • NEW MOVE: “Soaring Blade,” an All-Out rising reversal. In Side-L, it trades some damage to fill out her Denjin Charges instantly on hit. Side-S only gets access to this move during “Denjin Install.”
  • Increased the damage of “Killing Blade” to 248 (up from 216)
  • Decreased the advantage of “Killing Blade” on hit
  • Removed the invulnerability on “Killing Blade”
  • Fixed gaining a 4th level of Adrenaline not playing any sound
  • Fixed being unable to Craze Blitz out of “Blade Bulletstorm”
  • NEW MOVE: “Denjin Overdrive,” an All-Out available during “Denjin Install” that extends its timer and grants her increased movement and damage for the rest of the Install’s duration, while having a more harsh penalty when the time expires
  • NEW MOVE: “Denjin Armageddon,” an All-Out available during “Denjin Install” that requires 3 Adrenaline, removing the timer and making the Install permanent for the rest of the round, while granting access to Gauge again and causing Gauge to regenerate automatically
  • Fixed her All-Out Attacks not gaining the damage buff from “Denjin Install”


Side-S has been surprisingly tough to pin down. We've organized the utility of her All-Outs, while also taking note to keep an eye on her projectile's power, which may need reigning back in the near future.

  • Increased the damage of “Top Falls Down” to 224 (up from 208)
  • Fixed “Tower” not granting a Feral Stack
  • Fixed LP “Million Cross” not triggering damage dampening
  • Increased the recovery time of “Knock Down Walls” by 6 frames
  • Increased the damage of “Top Falls Down” to 248 (up from 208)
  • The Feral Stack gain from “Top Falls Down” has been moved to “Carve Out”


  • Added 360+LP as an alternate command to “Flip It My Way”
  • Added 360+PP as an alternate command to “Can’t Fly From Reckoning”
  • Jimmy and Lee cooldown timers are now slowed down for the duration of a combo if they were used to start or extend the combo


Jane's Side-S was more traditional, keeping almost entirely the same moveset while changing each of their properties. One of the ones that remained the same was "Defroster," which previously performed identical to "Backburner." Now, it's a little different, making it a pure mobility move, but having plenty of its own benefits to compensate.

  • “Trick Kick” now has a Floor Bounce Dire Effect against airborne opponents
  • Fixed “Burning Brouhaha” causing a normal knockdown
  • Fixed the side switch on “Scary Loathe” not working properly
  • Fixed “Singe Snap” not affecting the “Looming Sight” pumpkin
  • “Defroster” now functions differently from “Backburner.” The move no longer is an attack, but can be acted of much faster, and can be aimed upward or downward by holding those directions

Battle Craze!! is currently an open beta running on SUEHIRO's I.K.E.M.E.N GO engine. A few bugs may be present, but for now, we'll be focusing on issues relating specifically to gameplay.

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