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LATEST ROLLBACK BUILD: Version 1.84 (482 MB)

We feel as though the Rollback Build is stable enough to use as our primary release. If you want the backup IKEMEN Go build, you'll find it here!

Update 2023, September 23rd


I know I've teased our "Final Update" for a good long while now, and sadly this one isn't it. However, it is looking more complete than ever, given the nearly finalized list of big mechanical changes. A few full-scale character re-works and a shrinking list of touch-ups are left on our plate, so I can say with confidence we're in the home stretch of the IKEMEN branch of Battle Craze!!

This update comes with a huge list of generalized changes, from refinement of the Craze Parry system, to rolling back some adjustments that weren't working out. With this, we feel as though the main flow of the game has been more properly nailed down.

  • Adjusted the advantage of most air normals, with most advantage on block being increased across the board
  • Grounded Normal Throws now have 4 frames of startup (up from 3)
  • Adjusted damage dampening to be slightly more favorable when using Strong Normals and Specials in combos
  • Reduced the bonus damage from Counter Hits to 10% (down from 25%)
  • Increased the Guard Pressure gain from using Heartbreaker to 75% (up from 50%)
  • Reduced the Guard Pressure reduction from landing Heartbreaker to 33% (down from 50%)
  • Throws can no longer be teched while pressing all 4 buttons (or the Craze Cancel shortcut)
  • After a successful Craze Parry, you can now perform a small dash by holding forward or backward, which is canceled into early to provide the same advantage. To compensate, the opponent is pushed back a little further from being parried
  • Increased the Crazy Parry window to 20 frames (up from 16)
  • Wallace, Reaper, Boundary, Baxter, Goliath, TYRANT, Ikue, Bernie and Jane Bane are now +2 upon a successful Craze Parry (up from +1) due to their limited access to 4-frame normals
  • Fixed most Command Throws whiffing when the user was being pushed into a corner under certain circumstances
  • Fixed the Guard Meter regenerating during super pause


  • Fixed Floor Splat heights being lowered due to unintended rounding


  • Fixed Craze Focus occurring when attempting to use Craze Parry during Flipout


  • Fixed being vulnerable during Flipout


Our starting player is, of course, the one most in need of catching up. A lot of changes have been made to keep our protagonist up to speed with the rest of the cast.

  • Lowered the horizontal pushback on most ground normals
  • Increased the damage of 2SK to 120 (up from 112)
  • Fixed some issues that prevented “Future Sight” from performing its followup
  • Decreased the damage of LP “Cobra Gatling” to 144 (down from 168)
  • LP “Cobra Gatling” now has 13 frames of startup and SP “Cobra Gatling” has 17 frames of startup on both sides
  • Reduced the startup of “Exodus” to 10 frames (down from 14)
  • Reduced the startup of “Exodus EX” to 8 frames (down from 10)
  • Increased the damage of LP “Cobra Gatling” to 120 (up from 112)
  • Increased the damage of SP “Cobra Gatling” to 144 (up from 112)
  • “Fiery Dance” can now be canceled into itself one time
  • Adjusted the recovery velocity of “Lion's Pounce” to make it generally safer
  • “Solar Burst” can now be canceled into “Fiery Dance” during startup
  • Adjusted the grounded hit velocity of “Dragon's Strike”


  • Increased the recovery time of 5SP by 1 frame, making it +3 on hit and -2 on block

Tsugumi TSUGUMI / Robo-Tsugumi ROBO-TSUGUMI

It had to happen eventually. Side-C's launching All-Out has been the basis of every incredible Tsugumi combo, but it couldn't remain in the spotlight for this long without some scrutiny. It's still the powerhouse move you've come to love, and more. It just costs 3 Adrenaline now.

On the Side-L side of things, her new trait was a bit finnicky to get used to, so we've touched it up to hopefully help with stability.

  • “To the Heavens You Go!” is now Tsugumi’s All-Out Destruction, with “Feel my Power! EX” returning as her All-Out EX
  • Increased the damage of “To the Heavens You Go!” to 216 (up from 152)
  • “To the Heavens You Go!” now grants 4 stacks of “Raijin Force” on hit
  • When “Raijin Godspeed” stacks above 4 are lost, they now drop to 4 instead of 3
  • “I Can Keep Going!” can now be canceled into from a special on hit or block
  • Increased the hit velocity of “Watch Your Step!”
  • “Feel My Power!” and “Feel My Power EX!” now consume “Raijin Godspeed” stacks to increase the damage
  • Reduced the startup of “My Own Take on Exodus!” to 11 frames (down from 17)
  • Increased the damage of “My Own Take on Exodus!” to 248 (up from 236)
  • “My Ultimate Move, the Raijin Break!” now grants full stacks of “Raijin Godspeed”

Sherm SHERM / Evil Sherm EVIL SHERM

Side-C Sherm's Craze Tech had follow-ups that didn't have obvious uses, or even strong ones. Hopefully now, every option holds its own in some fashion.

On the other two sides, boy, for a couple of shotoclones, they sure were some unstoppable zoners!

  • “Run-ryuken” now has invulnerability to airborne attacks on startup
  • Adjusted the hit velocity of “Run-ryuken”
  • Adjusted the hit velocity of “Run-Senpuukyakuu”
  • Lowered the recovery time of “Run-Senpuukyakuu”
  • Changed the input of “Hurricane Senpuukyakuu” to 214K
  • Reduced the startup of “Shermkyugen Ougi! Ranbu-Ken” to 10 frames (down from 14)
  • Reduced the startup of “Shermkyugen Ougi! Ranbu-Ken EX” to 8 frames (down from 10)
  • Increased the startup of grounded “Habjouken” to 15 frames (up from 11)
  • Reduced the damage of aerial “Messatsu Habjouken” to 96 (down from 112)
  • Added 214214PP as an alternate input for “Messatsu To All That Oppose Me Slash”


In addition to some quality of life, we've done a bit of a tonal shift to Side-S. His Craze Tech and unique special made him powerful at approaching, but his kit was lacking in ways to take advantage of such approach. Though he lost a powerful tool in the process, what he gained should give him a new lease on unlife: a free command grab.

  • Decreased the startup time of Close SP to 7 frames (down from 9)
  • Decreased the recovery time of Close SP by 3 frames
  • Decreased the startup time of LP “Mondherrschaft” to 21 frames (down from 22)
  • Decreased the recovery time of SP “Mondherrschaft” by 5 frames
  • NEW MOVE: “Erweckung,” a command normal variant of his series of stomp moves
  • NEW MOVE: “Nachwehen” is now unique from “Unterwelt Zerbrechen” and is a traditional special grab move, complete with alternate 360 input
  • Decreased the startup time of LK “Nachtflieger” to 21 frames (down from 25)
  • Adjusted the velocity of “Nachtflieger”
  • Adjusted the Floor Splat height of “Nachtflieger”


  • Added a Floor Splat and Dire Floor Bounce OTG effect to “Erweckung”


Long overdue, and not entirely finished, Reaper and their villainous counterpart are finally getting the upgrades they've been waiting for. Though Side-L was once again disabled, it won't be too long before it'll get its time to shine as well.

Side-C Reaper returns with a revitalized toolkit, largely comprised of more complete versions of their original incarnation. QREAPER, on the other hand, was mostly complete, but a ton of spit and polish was added to turn their high-flying antics into a bombardment of terror. A lot of tweaking to their normals make Reaper better at playing the spacing game, while QREAPER excels at applying pressure at the cost of being just a little stubbier.

  • A lot of their toolkit has been recoded from the ground up, so there are various other changes not listed here
  • Increased the size of the Close LK hitbox
  • “Hook_Slice” now functions like other overhead Command Normals: it has a slower variant if you press 9LP, and it causes a Floor Splat against airborne opponents but otherwise does not knock down
  • Changed the input of “Nebula_Storm” to 214P (from 63214P)
  • Both strengths of “Nebula_Storm” now use the lower hitting animation. The SP variant is not an attack, but will cause the opponent to be pushed away rather than pulled in.
  • “Meteor_Strike” now works differently: LK travels upwards and has invulnerability to air attacks during its travel, while SK travels outwards and will not knock down during a late hit.
  • “Meteor_Strike” now has a midair variant, with LK traveling straight down, and SK traveling down at an angle. Both cause a Floor Splat against airborne opponents.
  • “Emergency_Nova” no longer has a low-profile hurtbox
  • Increased the startup time of 5LP and 2LP to 5 frames (up from 4)
  • Now has new, standard SP normals. 5SP and 2SP have long reach, while ju.SP hits in an arc and causes a Floor Splat against airborne opponents
  • NEW MOVE: “Tri-Blooming-Blast,” a far-reaching, multi-hit Command Normal with a fairly disjointed hitbox
  • “Air_Burst” now causes a Tumble on hit
  • MODIFIED TRAIT: “Energy Meter” now restricts them from gaining Craze Gauge from taking damage. Special moves no longer have an “uncharged” variant, instead not being usable at all.
  • MODIFIED CRAZE TECHNIQUE: “Solar_Deploy_2.0” summons a solar drone that follows Reaper around. It cannot be interacted with, but is destroyed if Reaper takes damage. While this drone is active, Reaper’s Craze Gauge is regenerated at a decaying rate.
  • NEW MOVE: “Crash_Comet,” a follow-up that can be used at any time while a solar drone is active. The drone launches itself into the air, then comes crashing down on the opponent’s location after a short delay.
  • “Star_Crossed_Beam” returns as their 236P Special, replacing “Star_Crossed_Snipe.” LP hits lower to the ground, snuffing low-profile, while SP hits at the standard height
  • NEW MOVE: “Force_Conversion,” a follow-up to “Nebula_Storm” where Reaper performs a hitgrab. Upon success, they steal a small bit of the opponent’s Craze Gauge, and convert it into 1 pip of their own.
  • Adjusted the way “Satellite_Colony” functions so that the mines do not hit on contact, but explode once the opponent is in proximity and on the ground or in a combo.
  • “Cosmic_Divider” and “Cosmic_Divider_EX” return as their unique All-Out Attacks, replacing “Final_Twin_Alignment” and “Saturns_Belt”
  • “Emergency_Nova” now has startup invulnerability
  • NEW MOVE: “Lunar_Cycle_Crash,” replacing “Galactic_Orbit” as their All-Out Destruction. Functions very similarly to their previous All-Out EX, “Saturns_Belt”
  • Removed for the time being
  • REWORKED TRAIT: “Terror Booster” now has 3 Fuel bar sections which recharge at an increasing rate over time. QREAPER can utilize his Craze Technique for 1 bar in neutral, and can cancel into it for 2 bars on block, and 3 bars on hit. His forward dashes, both on the ground and midair, also require and consume Fuel to give him enhanced, holdable “runs,” and also can be canceled into similarly to his Craze Technique. His old dashes will occur instead if he tries to dash with insufficient Fuel.
  • Decreased the size of his 5LP and 2LP hitboxes
  • Replaced his 5LK with his now-removed Close SK animation
  • Jump SP now causes a Wall Splat on airborne hit
  • NEW MOVE: “Star_Slasher” replaces “Air_Burst,” a similar move with a bigger hitbox that causes a Floor Splat
  • NEW MOVE: QREAPER also gets “Force_Conversion,” the hitgrab follow-up to “Nebula_Storm,” however he simply converts the damage into Fuel and maxes out its regeneration rate
  • Can now cancel “Astroid_Obliterator” into “Nebula_Storm,” with the SP variant of the latter capable of pushing the former's projectile across the screen


  • Lowered the airborne hit velocity of “Nebula_Storm”
  • Increased the hit velocity of “Big_Bang_Blast”
  • Fixed being able to chain “Upwards_Cut” into “Hook_Slice”


  • Reduced the Floor Splat height of “Hook_Slice”
  • Further adjusted the airborne hit velocity of “Nebula_Storm”
  • Fixed “Star_Slasher” being able to chain into itself


  • Increased the recovery time of ju.SP on hit

la justicia LA JUSTICIA / la tirania LA TIRANIA

  • Close SK is now +5 on hit (up from +2)


  • Increased the minimal startup time of “And Justice for All” to 4 frames (up from 3)
  • Adjusted the superpause of “And Justice for All” so that it cannot be jumped out of if used in throw range


  • Adjusted the Floor Splat height on ju.SP
  • Adjusted the way “Vacuum Implode” pulls airborne opponents so that they are dragged down if above the vacuum. The vacuum will now automatically move itself to its upper position on startup to compensate for this change
  • The “Down the Parapets” portal now spawns below the opponent if used during a combo


  • Fixed “Raging Transparency” invulnerability lingering after the move was blocked


  • Fixed “Evaporation Invigoration” not being affected by friction


Though Side-S Goliath was mostly in need of a little ironing out, he got a bit of a glow-up instead. These things happen.

  • NEW MOVE: “Rikishi Flip,” a follow-up to “Rikishi Lancer” that causes a side switch on hit
  • Lowered the bounce height of hitting a downed opponent with “Rikishi Bunker”
  • Fixed being able to Craze Assault after a blocked “Rikishi Bunker”
  • Fixed “Raw Claw” and “Rikishi Shogunate” damage being unaffected by “Dohyo Daioh”
  • Changed Goliath’s reaction from a successful “Rikishi Blast” or “Rikishi Spear” to a quicker recovery


  • Fixed his Air Throw’s Floor Splat height being incorrect


  • Fixed “Last Will and Testament” not turning around after following up a move that placed her behind her opponent


  • Fixed her Air Throw’s Floor Splat height being incorrect
  • Added 4 more frames of recovery to “Second Sphere: Dominion's Request,” making it -12 on block
  • “Second Sphere: Dominion's Request” can no longer be followed up with “Second Sphere: Dominion's Leash” if the attack triggered a Dire Effect
  • Shrunk the hitbox of midair SP “Second Sphere: Dominion's Leash”
  • Changed “Second Sphere: Dominion's Leash” to always have the same followup properties; standing will never allow for a combo extension by its own, while midair will always have 9 frames to follow up with
  • Fixed “First Sphere: Seraphim’s Sword” not causing an automatic recovery on hit
  • Increased the Floor Splat height of “Third Sphere: Archangel's Assault”
  • Fixed SK “First Sphere: Cherubim's Polearm” causing a Wall Bounce against an airborne opponent when Blessed


  • Fixed many of her Special moves not giving her Adrenaline
  • Increased the overall damage of “Noontide” to ~240 (up from ~216) and reallocated some of the smaller projectile damage into the final bomb, making it more consistent
  • Improved “Summer” Teleport Application’s ability to detect which side Emi should face after teleporting
  • Fixed being unable to cancel into “Clear Skies” on block


  • Increased health to 925 (up from 875)
  • “Sound Test” no longer causes a Tumble against an airborne opponent


  • Added new animations for her Asmos-less 5LK and 5SK, which come with better reaching hitboxes
  • Increased the startup time of Asmos-less 5SK to 7 frames (up from 6)


  • Lowered the airborne hit velocity of “You Should Keep Your Focus”
  • Can no longer cancel into “What Goes Up Must Come Down” or “You Should Keep Your Focus” during “My Table Manners are Good, Honest” and “Haven't You Got Eyeballs in Your Skull?”


  • Shrunk the hitbox vertically on ju.LP


Counter Hits were a little crazy, imo

  • Can now use “Envol de la Libellule” at any time instead of being limited to a Deceit Cancel
  • Fixed “Envol de la Libellule” having negative Guard Pressure instead of 0
  • Reduced the amount of bonus Counter Hit damage she receives from “Minerva’s Lust”
  • “Rage Burst” now always grants the bonus damage from “Minerva’s Lust” on all hits rather than adding a flat amount that stacked with her personal Counter Hit bonus


In what is a surprisingly impactful change, Side-L's Craze Technique being replaced with a somewhat similar move that slowly moves him forward has made a huge difference. Now he can more properly control his dominion, making his opponents respect his grappler loadout a little more.

  • Can now “Crawl” in all sides
  • “ENCROACHING RULE” now builds faster after hitting with Specials and his All-Out Throws, rather than adding a flat value to the current progress. This speed resets once he is hit
  • NEW CRAZE TECHNIQUE: “EMPEROR'S TREMOR,” Side-L’s version of the marching stomps. Can be held to increase the number of hits, useful for approaching to place TYRANT in better positions for his powerful throws
  • The “EMPEROR'S DECREE” detonation is now faster if used in a combo
  • Increased the size of the “PRIMAL BURN” projectile
  • Fixed SP “EMPEROR'S MAGNITUDE” having invulnerability to All-Out Attacks


  • Adjusted the OTG Floor Splat height of “EMPEROR'S TREMOR”


  • Fixed “Blade Inferno,” “Cutting Edge Kick” and “Rage of the Dragon” not giving Ikue Adrenaline


Though it may not sound like much, Teri is now a bit more Scary when she starts using her resources in Side-C and Side-L. The former can now sneak in sideswitches into her chains with Unrelenting, while the latter has more options to control the fight when consuming stacks.

  • Reduced how far back she jumps during a successful “Trapper”
  • During “Unrelenting,” Teri can now cancel into “Undercurrent” where she could previously cancel into other specials. This can be done after a different special cancel as well
  • Using SK “Tear Out” during a combo will cause the attack to hit sooner to make it easier to combo into
  • MODIFIED TRAIT: “Inner Demon” now allows Teri to choose which followup she cancels into. With the exception of “Shifter,” these followups now consume all stacks, and provide combo extensions when used with at least 2 stacks


  • Fixed “Crowd Control” dealing less damage than intended


You may notice a running trend here: all but one of these changes benefits Side-L in some way.

  • ju.SK now causes its airborne hit effect on grounded opponents
  • LP “Goldenjoyer” is now +2 on hit (up from +1)
  • Reduced the pushback on hit during LP “Goldenjoyer”
  • Increased the grounded hit velocity of “Reach for the Ceiling”
  • Changed the input for “...And Get Me” to either Kick and “...Down for the Spiraling” to LP+LK
  • Added an LK version of “...And Get Me” that always causes Flip Out
  • The SK version of “...And Get Me” now causes Tumble against grounded opponents
  • Modified “Trial of the Mental” so that Bernie no longer loses Chips from taking damage


  • Fixed various errors with the new SP “Crashing Down”
  • Fixed various errors with the new LP “Flip It My Way”


Side-L got reworked. Again. This time for good!


  • Shortened the arm hurtbox of “Singe Snap” / “Cold Snap”
  • Removed the low profile hurtboxes on “Flarespin” / “Frostspin”
  • LP “Flarespin” / “Frostspin” is now +2 on hit (up from +1)
  • Adjusted the velocity of the “Freaks’ Finale” projectile
  • Changed the Dire Hit Effect of “Singe Snap” to a Crumple
  • MODIFIED TRAIT: “Toiling Point” now has rounded numbers for Heat levels instead of utilizing a dynamic meter. Burn moves now add 1 Heat level, with Jane exploding after using a Burn move at Heat level 4. Explosions no longer require being inside a combo to hit, and consume all potential Burn damage to deal a percentage of it immediately, but will no longer allow for follow-up combos. Heat level no longer has any effect on Jane’s own health regeneration nor her Normal’s advantage
  • “Out to Fry” now reduces Jane’s Heat level by 1, plus an additional when above Level 2, plus another for holding it
  • “Rigor Repulse” no longer has any effect on the opponent’s Burn stacks
  • LK “Scary Loathe” now increases Jane’s Heat level by 3, while the SK variant will only increase it by 1
  • Increased the damage of “Scary Loathe”


  • Removed Exploding while knocked down
  • Using “Out to Fry” now increases the “Trouble and Boil” timer
  • Increased the startup time of “Mistress of Broilty” to 11 frames (up from 5)

Battle Craze!! is currently an open beta running on SUEHIRO's I.K.E.M.E.N GO engine. A few bugs may be present, but for now, we'll be focusing on issues relating specifically to gameplay.

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