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Update 2022, November 13rd


Boy, it's been a wild year.

A few setbacks slowed down our release schedule for a bit, but Battle Craze cannot be stopped! Though we would've liked for this update to be fully complete, it felt unnecessary to sit on the content we've prepared without sharing a little bit with you all.

Among a couple of new characters, this update also sees some major system changes, as well as a few tweaks across the roster. Our intention is to finalize the cast and their movelists by the next and last major update, so what comes next will be a fair bit more than just the two absent Side-S characters. As such, some characters have recieved some more of their bigger changes, while others remain mostly the same, though they probably have big plans set for them in the future.

Stick around -- we're far from finished!

  • Retooled how Adrenaline is gained. Moves used in the middle of combos now scale Adrenaline gain similiarly to damage.
  • Guard Meter and Heartbreakers have been completely reworked:
    • Heartbreakers no longer cost Adrenaline, but instead are on a cooldown proportional to your Guard Meter. After using a Heartbreaker, your Guard Meter turns red, indicating that it regenerates much slower, and that you cannot use Heartbreaker. After your Guard Meter empties, the Guard Meter acts normally and you have access to Heartbreaker again
    • Using a Heartbreaker increases your Guard Meter to half fullness, but successfully hitting with it will cut your resulting Guard Meter in half
    • Heartbreakers are now 10 frames slower, and are blockable
    • Connecting a hit with a Heartbreaker regenerates half of your Purple Health instantly
    • Experiencing a Guard Break will now leave your Guard Meter nearly empty afterward
    • Punishing a Heartbreaker will now always reward a Counter hit
  • Reduced the hurtbox height of all Tumble gethit states
  • Reworked how Training mode functions. The Player 2 character is now selectable, rather than defaulting to a modified version of Ajit. Additionally, the custom Training Menu is now accessible by taunting as Player 1 rather than Player 2, and has been redesigned.
  • Fixed errors with Turns mode


  • Fixed Arcade Mode crashing


One sweeping change in this update is the removal of the 'quarter circle, then half circle' inputs for All-Out Attacks. Another is updating some old overhead command normals to work more like the ones featured in recent newcomers.

  • Changed the input of "Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Soul" to 214214PP
  • "Lion Fang" now works by the same rules as various other command normal overheads: the slower variant causes a Floor Splat against airborne opponents, and holding 9 will force the slow variant even during hitpause


  • Potentially fixed her Forward Throw ending prematurely without KOing
  • Changed the input of “My Ultimate Move, the Raijin Break!” to 214214PP
  • “I'll Break Your Guard!” now works by the same rules as various other command normal overheads: the slower variant causes a Floor Splat against airborne opponents, and holding 9 will force the slow variant even during hitpause
  • Reduced the backwards movement of “I'll Break Your Guard!” during recovery
  • Increased the recovery time of “I'll Break Your Guard!” by 3 frames
  • Changed the Dire Effect of “This'll Hurt!” to a Wall Bounce
  • “Big Empty” and “Lounge Fly” now have 2 more frames of hitstun and guardstun
  • “Big Bang”, “Big Empty” and “Lounge Fly” now recover 4 frames faster


  • Fixed “Messatsu Flip-Jouken” not having proper Craze Cancel rules
  • Adjusted the hit velocity of “Messatsu Hurricane Senpuukyakuu”
  • Fixed “Messatsu To All That Oppose Me Slash” causing a strange flipout against downed opponents


For the most part, a lot of our existing roster is sitting in a comfortable place, but could use a number of Quality of Life touches to keep them up to speed with more recent additions. Wallace's changes can be summed as much, though we're keeping an eye on Side-S due to his reliance on the Guard Meter system that just recieved a major overhaul.

  • Adjusted almost all of Wallace’s hitboxes and hurtboxes, overall decreasing his body width
  • Lowered the guardtime and recovery of 5SK by 6 frames
  • Can now chain into “Das Ende der Tage” on hit
  • Reduced the recovery time of SK “Achilles Hell” by 1 frame
  • SK “Achilles Hell” is now -4 on block (up from -6)
  • The floor splat caused by the first hit of SK “Achilles Hell” now has an independent velocity, guaranteeing the second hit will connect if the opponent is airborne


Reaper's woes are never over.

Among our last considerations for finalizing the roster is yet another re-evaluation of our original zoner's toolkit. Though they remain in a better state than before, they still struggle to fill their role properly, and a lot of planning has gone into how to hopefully fine tune their options -- including for their rushdown counterpart.

For now, they're still in the shop, awaiting that last bit of polish.

  • Changed the input of “Galactic-Orbit” to 214214PP
  • Fixed SK “Meteor-Strike” being invulnerable to All-Out Attacks
  • Fixed a voice line error with their taunt
  • Fixed most of his character-specific winquotes being spoken to the wrong character


On top of a substantial change to Side-C's previously-underwhelming trait, la justicia claims the brunt of the additional input leniency for grapplers. Previously, kara cancels were used on inputs similar to half-circle-back to better guarantee throw inputs would be properly read; now they cover other inputs that may interfere with 360s as well.

  • Throws performed by la justicia now have buffer windows. As an example, the most notable use case is that “Fireman's Heave-Ho” can now be performed by pressing Up within the first 8 frames after the throw has already connected
  • Fixed la justicia sometimes entering a bugged state after a throw tech
  • The condition “Shoot Style Spirit” requires to chain into a throw has been changed: there is no longer a Counter Hit requirement, meaning it can be done at any time, but the throw used has to be one that was not recently used
  • “Chair Driver” now works by the same rules as various other command normal overheads: the slower variant causes a Floor Splat against airborne opponents, and holding 9 will force the slow variant even during hitpause
  • The floor splat caused by “Star Lariat” now has a variable height depending on how high the opponent was when they were hit
  • “Justice Hammer” and “Defining Verdict” can now be kara canceled out of “Star Lariat”
  • Lowered the hit velocity of airborne opponents during “Morning Sun”
  • “Sunset Slam” can now be kara canceled out of “Rising Star”
  • Can now chain into “For Justice For All”
  • Slightly lowered the airborne hit velocity of “Dropkick Jr.!”
  • Fixed “Throne Driver” not triggering damage scaling
  • “Justice Hammer” and “Defining Verdict” can now be kara canceled out of “Revolution Slash”
  • Opponents can no longer be hit by chair projectiles while also being hit by “Moment of Truth” or “Moment of Truth EX”
  • “Devil's Whip” and “Defining Testament” can now be kara canceled out of “Tyranny Slash”
  • “Defining Testament EX” can now be kara canceled out of “Blast Knee”


  • Changed the input of “Field Corruption” to 236236KK
  • Fixed Anhur Stance and Osiris Stance having effects on Boundary’s defense that were inverse of their intention
  • Changed the input of “Spirit Rider” to 214214K
  • Changed the input of “Spirit Crush” to 214214KK


Baxter was suffering from an issue where Garish Hues, his main Level 1 ender, wasn't always optimal depending on his Spin Speed. These numbers have been tweaked to better reward players for ending a combo after maintaining good speed, while making the lowest speed just as good as Contrast Bomber, which has other intended uses.

  • Increased the damage range of “Garish Hues” to 206-243 (up from 182-234)
  • “Lime Drop” no longer causes a floor splat when it OTGs
  • Slightly lowered the hit velocity of “Cinnabar Crush” against airborne opponents
  • Increased the damage range of “Garish Hues” to 206-229 (up from 182-208)


Sadly our wet and wild boy is still hitting the showers, so no major improvements this patch. Though, our plans have exceeded merely revamping Side-S, as we intend to wash off the gunk from head to toe.

  • Increased the recovery time, hitstun and guardstun of 5SP by 3 frames
  • Decreased the startup of 5SK by 2 frames and decreased its recovery by 3 frames
  • Fixed some of his character-specific winquotes being spoken to the wrong character
  • “Poseidon! Attack!” and “Poseidon! Capture!” now have lower input priority, lowering the chance other inputs will result in them
  • Fixed Poseidon always facing right during “Poseidon! Attack!”
  • Fixed “Poseidon! Tempest!” not triggering damage dampening if used to start a combo
  • Fixed “Poseidon! Tempest!” not adding to the combo count


Side-L Goliath returns, now with an easier-to-understand trait! He mostly remains the same, but his defining feature is now a lot more coherent and contains more unique options. Much like Boundary before him, he's also traded All-Out EXs amongst his sides in order to shift his combo game a bit.

  • Tweaked the way “Hover” inputs are read
  • Replaced “Thunder Kaiser” with “Volt Flamberge EX”
  • Fixed various Dire Counter issues with “Volt Halberd” and “Volt Zweihander”
  • REWORKED TRAIT: “Static Cling” now applies a charge to the opponent when making contact with any Craze Technique attack. While the opponent is charged, Goliath moves towards them faster, “Thunder Shoot” lasts significantly longer and tracks the opponent, “Thunder Struck” has a magnetic effect, and special moves consume the charge on contact in exchange for increased hit stun and block stun
  • Can now use “Volt Zweihander”
  • Replaced “Volt Flamberge EX” with “Thunder Kaiser”
  • The “Thunder Shoot” projectile now lasts twice as long


  • Voice lines implemented!
  • “Seraphim’s Roar” can now be kara canceled out of “Dominion's Leash”


It's evident our attempt to rein in some of Side-S Emi's healing power was a little too strong, so we've taken a different approach this time. Given its her unique trait, it should remain a benefit, even if it comes with drawbacks.

  • Reworked how Purple Health regeneration works with "Out Of This World," increasing general health gained significantly, but using “Sound Test” or “Ishiwatari Smash” will cause the rest of the combo to regenerate health at 10% of the normal rate
  • “Shadow Step” now consumes life on the same frame as the smoke effect
  • “Shadow Step” now cannot land on the ground before the smoke effect triggers


We're all just gonna pretend we didn't see Lucy going hard with the sweep.

  • Increased the recovery time of her 2SK by 7 frames. This now makes the move -7 on block with Asmos (down from 0) and -6 on block without Asmos (down from +1)
  • Increased the hit velocity of her jumping normals
  • Increased the inner hitbox size of ju.LK
  • Fixed benefitting from “I Can Treat Myself to Some Blood Plasma Every Now and Then”
  • “My Table Manners are Good, Honest” is now +3 on hit (down from +4)
  • Fixed “I Know Your Every Move: Principalities' Demand” causing Asmos to disappear if the attack didn’t hit


  • New character and stages added!


  • Changed the input of "Prairie Tellurique" to 214214KK
    Fixed being able to “Rage Burst” after being KO’d


  • New character and stage added!


  • Changed the input of "Strip Down" to 214214PP
  • Fixed being able to cancel out of “Huntress” without “Unrelenting” being active
  • SP “Oppress Claw” now deals 144 damage (down from 176)
  • Increased the recovery time of a successful “Crowd Control” by 2 frames to remove an unintended combo extension
  • “Strip Down” now uses the Side-S variant when chained into
  • “Demon” now immediately ends when an All-Out Attack is used
  • “Loop Slice” and “Unleashed” now add 3 tallies (up from 2)
  • During “Wicked Hunt,” every 3 stacks adds extra damage to the attack upon success


To say that Bernie has given us a little trouble would be a massive understatement. We've also had an eye on this ragtag trio, and plans have been made.

  • Fixed “Flip It My Way” conserving Dire Stacks when interrupting “Gimme a Hand, Jimmy!” if the assist Dire Countered
  • Changed the input of "Jailbird Jamboree" to 236236PP
  • “Flip It My Way” and “Can't Fly From Reckoning” can now be kara canceled out of “Goldenjoyer”
  • Can now followup with “...Down for the Spiraling” earlier if used during a combo
  • Decreased startup time of “...Down for the Spiraling” by 2 frames
  • “Spine Apathy” and “Wake The Pharmacy” can now be kara canceled out of “Deja VuTinkerer” and “Goldenjoyer”


Bernie isn't the only one causing trouble, however. Wonder if these two are friends...

  • Adjusted the airborne hit velocity of 5SK
  • “Booming Fright” can no longer trigger Burn Out on downed opponents. (Burn damage and Heat buildup are unaffected)
  • NEW CRAZE TECHNIQUE: “Archimedes Advance.” A cold parallel to “Looming Sight,” Jane Bane spawns a projectile that slowly rolls across the floor, but can be knocked into the air to give it a faster, arcing trajectory. While airborne, it also bounces off of walls!
  • Removed “Rigor Repulse”
  • Changed the input for “Frozen Strut” to LK+SK
  • Reduced the Gauge gain from absorbing attacks through “Frozen Strut”

Battle Craze!! is currently an open beta running on SUEHIRO's I.K.E.M.E.N GO engine. A few bugs may be present, but for now, we'll be focusing on issues relating specifically to gameplay.

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